Sonja L. Samuel

Praise for Sonja

"Sonja Samuel is a bright and shining star.  Not only has she co-produced my television show,  A Woman of God, but she is a speaker and dancer par excellent.  When she has spoken in my conferences she has received excellent reviews for her ability to communicate powerfully with the audience.  A  great talent, with skill, speaking expertise, humility, and high integrity is how I would describe this young lady.”

Dr. Thelma Wells, D.D.,

 President - A Woman of God Ministries

Former Women of Faith Speaker


“Sonja is one of the best. She is a charismatic speaker who uses great  examples and she is a person of high values and character. The type of  person we need more of in the world.

Bill Glass

Former NFL Pro Athlete

Founder, Bill Glass Champions of Life



“This girl could run General Motors.”

Alecia Landry

Wife of the late Tom Landry

Dallas Cowboys Head Football Coach



Sonja's presentation was excellent. Portrayed high energy and held animated discussions. Great

to hear relevant 'real life' scenarios. Personalized, motivational and humorous!"

Vanessa Stewart

Darwin Australia


"Inspirational and fantastic."
Joanne Bender
Mainroads, WA


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